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live green
Live Green
Consolation lakeThe Town of Banff strives to be a model environmentally sustainable community, and we pride ourselves on making sure that Canada’s first national park will stay pristine for generations to come.

Your guide to low-impact living, visiting and doing business in Banff National Park in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Getting Around Banff – Use sustainable modes of transportation to get around. The Town of Banff is a pretty small place (just 3.94 sq. kilometres) and you can get everywhere you need to go by bike, public transit, or by walking.
  • Recycling and Garbage – Not everything you throw out is garbage. You can recycle much of your household or business waste, and the town provides a number of ways to do that. Find out how you can help the environment, and save money. 
  • Grow Your Own Food – Apply for a plot in one of two community greenhouses in Banff. Applications are administered by the Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society.
  • Save Energy – Get tips on how to save on your energy bill or learn about how the town is using solar power.
  • Environmental Rebates & Incentives – Find out how you can apply for environmental rebates and incentives for your home or business.
  • Conserve Water – Follow some of these tips to help conserve water. You can also find out more about our drinking water, and why you should choose it over bottled water.
  • Green Municipal Buildings and Facilities – We've set the standard that all new municipal buildings meet or exceed Silver LEED certification. Learn more about our environmentally friendly buildings.
  • Site and Building Guidelines – The Town of Banff's Green Site and Building Guidelines helps builders and designers build environmentally friendly buildings.
  • Carbon Calculator – Plug in your information to conceptualize how your daily activities emit carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Environmental Stewardship – We value environmental stewardship as a community, and have a policy that reflects our commitment to the environment.
  • Our townsite is dense and compact, surrounded by parkland. It's pedestrian and bicycle-friendly
  • Approximately 60% of waste is recycled or diverted from the landfill
  • We have an award-winning wastewater treatment plant and we're the first municipality in western Canada to install a source separated organics/biosolids recycling process
  • The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre, completed in 2010, was awarded LEED Silver status