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Waste Reduction Tips

WasteDivert Your Waste

  • Find out where to bring various items to recycle or dispose of properly.
  • Donate your old clothes and furniture to charities and missions to be re-sold.
  • Have a garage sale, so someone else can make use of your unwanted things.
  • Know how and what to recycle, and learn about our new organics compost program. Bag-to-Earth paper bags are a great way to collect organics, and are sold in town.
  • Paint, large electronics, and other hazardous waste can be recycled at our annual paint exchange and hazardous waste round-up. The EcoCoat paint is made from paint collected through this program.
  • Other items, such as plastic bags, rechargeable batteries and furniture can be reused.

Reduce Your Consumption

  • Rent items you use infrequently
  • Buy rechargeable instead of disposable batteries
  • Use cloth shopping bags, towels and diapers
  • Purchase food, drinks and detergents in bulk where possible
  • Avoid all heavily packaged products
  • Use a refillable mug or glass
  • Consider reading newspapers and magazines on-line
  • Buy quality home goods and electronics that will last
  • Eliminate the purchase of single-use and disposable products
  • Pack lunches in reusable containers
  • Use regular plates, cups and silverware at events instead of paper plates, cups and plastic ware
  • Put a "no unsolicited paper" notice on your post office box, home, and office