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Holiday Waste Reduction Tips
Zero Waste HolidayDid you know that approximately 900,000 tonnes of garbage is produced between Thanksgiving and Christmas each year?
The holiday season is a great time to consider reducing your waste at home. If every family in Canada reduced its weekly waste during the holidays by just one kilogram, 34,000 tonnes of garbage would be eliminated.

Holiday Waste Facts:
  • In Canada, 545,000 tonnes of waste is generated from gift wrapping and shopping bags each year.
  • Household waste can increase more than 25% in the holiday season.
  • Every person will throw away an average of 110lbs of garbage this holiday season.

Zero Waste Holiday Tips:
  • Consider alternative ways to wrap gifts. You can re-use bags and boxes that you already have at home, buy paper that is made from recycled content, or simply avoid wrapping at all.
  • Ditch the cards. Cards are one of the biggest contributors to holiday waste. There are many great alternatives, such as writing a message on a photo keepsake, or sending an e-card.
  • Donate items that you no longer need. Decorations, wrapping supplies, and even gifts that you won’t use can all be donated to second-hand stores or brought to the Banff Re-Use it Centre
  • Sustainable gift-giving. Gift cards are a great zero waste idea, and there are many options that exist for donating to charities that support the environment. 
  • Start a ‘Re-use’ bin at home. Re-use the wrapping, ribbon, and bows from gifts you receive, or use extra paper to make unique DIY cards for next year.
  • Try making your own gifts. DIY gifts help cut down on packaging, tend to be more eco-friendly in general, and make for a fun holiday activity too! 
  • Bring your own bags. Just like any other time of year, be sure to bring your re-usable bags when you head out to the stores to get your holiday supplies.
  • Reduce your food waste. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without indulging in delicious food and treats. Unfortunately, almost 50% of food waste could have been eaten in the first place! Visit for tips on how to reduce your food waste this holiday season. 
  • Make re-gifting cool again. Who said that re-gifting is tacky? If you don’t need it, think of somebody who might really benefit from that item you’ll never use.