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Environmental Master Plan
Environmental Master Plan
Environmental Master Plan
The Town of Banff strives to be a model environmental community, adopting and implementing innovative programs to protect and enhance the natural environment. The development of an Environmental Master Plan will create a 10-year road map to a sustainable future for our community, fulfilling one of the priorities of the Town's Strategic Plan.

Where are we now?
The Environmental Master Plan is currently in development. A survey was recently conducted on the draft Environmental Master Plan, which you can review below.


Community Involvement
In Phase 2 of the Environmental Master Plan development process in June and July, the Town compiled public input on ideas through an online survey, pop-up engagement stations in Central Park and at an interactive sounding board.

The project team is developing recommendations from community insights received during the first phase of engagement, and will use this input in the draft Environmental Master Plan.

The next phase will involve feedback on a draft plan, its priority areas and the actions planned for our community.

Thank you to all who have shared their insights to help shape this important plan. We look forward to your continued input in the plan development process.

Background Documents
The following plans, presentations and strategies will help shape the development of the Environmental Master Plan and offer useful background for those looking to learn more about the Town of Banff’s environmental work and priorities to date: