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Refundable Drink Containers and Bottle Depot
Refundable Drink Containers
Most ready-to-serve beverage containers can be returned to the Banff Bottle Depot for a refund
  • 10¢ for 1 litre or less containers
  • 25¢ for containers over 1 litre

This includes beverages sold in a bottle, can, pouch or carton made of:
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic (including milk)
  • Foil and aluminum
  • Paper (bag-in-a-box)
  • Tetra-brik (drink boxes)
  • Waxed paperboard
  • Milk jugs and cartons 

  Food & concentrate containers are not returnable for a refund.

The Banff Bottle Depot is located at:
152 Eagle Crescent (in the Industrial Compound)
403.762.5010 or email 
Banff Bottle Depot

More information: Beverage Container Management Board