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Ti'nu Affordable Rental Housing
Coyote LaneWeekly Construction Updates
To receive regular email updates on construction of the Ti'nu affordable rental housing development on Coyote Lane, please email  with "Subscribe" in the subject line or see copies of past email updates.

Currently underway:
  • Earthwork – backfill of completed foundations and excavation for below grade services in the southwest section of the parkade
  • Formwork and concrete pours for foundations, walls and suspended slabs
  • Mechanical and electrical conduit installation
  • Framing of Block C
  • Installation of utility connections

Tentative work schedule for the next period:
On Property works

  • Earthworks to continue intermittently. Trucks will continue to move material on and
  • off site
  • Smaller concrete pours for vertical walls on Block A (rear of site) are planned for next week. The lane will not be blocked completely
  • Framing of the roof over Block C to continue

Off Property works
  • The utilities installation contractor will restart work on Monday, Sept. 18. The contractor will start with the water main tie in on Marmot St. and then work their way towards the development property. Access to the driveways at 552 Banff Ave. and 553 Marmot St. off the lane will be via Antelope St. for Monday, Sept. 18. Access to these driveways will be completely cut off on Tuesday, Sept. 19, for a period of 5-7 days. As the contractor moves closer to the development, access to these two driveways will be reinstated via the Marmot St. end of the lane.
  • A landscape contractor has been engaged to complete tree planting below the retaining wall alongside Antelope St. This work will begin next week. For part of this scope of work, a crane truck will need to set up on the road beside the retaining wall to lift the trees into place. While the crane truck is set up, the entrance to Tatanga 1 will be limited to one lane. Contractor personnel will provide traffic management to allow residents access past the crane truck.

Possible delays for the next period
Coyote Lane will be closed at the Marmot St. end on Monday, Sept. 18. The Antelope St. entrance will be opened to allow resident access. Minor traffic disruption during deliveries or due to increase traffic in the Lane may also be experienced from time to time.

Project History & Background Documents

Rental Applications
Rental applications are not being accepted yet for the Tin'nu housing development on Coyote Lane. Once the process opens, an application form will be posted at banff.ca/housing.