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Prepare for Mountain Weather
Weather in BanffWinter
Winter can start as early as late October and lasts until mid April. December, January and February are the coldest. Temperatures can dip to -34ºC or more.

Be prepared for the weather! Don't even think of venturing outside without being appropriately dressed for cold weather. This means:
  • A warm (insulated) windproof winter coat. Coats that fall below your hips are best.
  • Mitts or gloves. Mitts keep your fingers warmer.
  • A winter hat that fully protects the ears. Frostbite looks worse than hat head.
  • Thick, warm footwear. Insulated winter boots with good tread are best.
  • Thermal underwear for outdoor activities.

These items are available for purchase in Banff.

Take a look at the Bow Valley Snow Conditions Tour to see a collection of webcams in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore.

The snow begins to melt, the sun warms the air, but evening temperatures can still drop to –10º C or colder. And it can still snow. You can still get frostbite. Keep your winter gear at hand, but add a lighter jacket and gloves. Keep your winter hat handy. Dress in layers and adjust accordingly.

Our high season. Temperatures are typically in the comfortable mid 20sºC, though it can get hot. It rains occasionally and the odd spectacular lightning storm, which ends about 10 minutes after it starts. It can be cool in early morning, so if you're heading out on your bike or hiking, you might want some full coverage biking or knit gloves. In the alpine, you might also want a toque. Light sweaters or jackets, a rain coat or umbrella, good walking shoes or hiking boots and some summer sandals are musts in Banff.

The Larches turn golden and the temperatures fall toward the end of September. Be prepared. It can rain. It can snow. It can be brilliantly sunny and 20º C. All on the same day. Dig out your woollies.

As always, before you venture out, check the current weather conditions.

Average temperatures in the Town of Banff courtesy of Parks Canada

Averages Daily
High (°C)
Low (°C)
Hours of
Jan -5.3 -14.9 2.4 38.2 8.1
Feb 0.1 -11.3 1.7 30.0 10.0
Mar 3.8 -7.9 1.6 27.0 12.0
Apr 9.0 -2.8 10.6 26.3 14.0
May 14.2 1.5 42.4 17.1 15.5
Jun 18.7 5.4 58.4 1.7 16.5
Jul 22.1 7.4 51.1 0.0 16.0
Aug 21.6 6.8 51.2 0.0 14.5
Sep 16.1 2.7 37.7 7.0 12.7
Oct 10.1 -1.1 15.4 18.9 10.7
Nov 0.5 -8.2 6.0 33.6 9.0
Dec -5.3 -13.8 2.8 43.9 7.8