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Community Connections
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Community Connections in the Bow Valley
ConnectionsCommunity Connections in the Bow Valley works to achieve the vision of a welcoming and connected Bow Valley in which the strengths and needs of both longer-term and newer community members are respected, understood, supported and celebrated.

The program supports all newcomers to the Bow Valley, immigrant and Canadian-born, in building and strengthening connections to social networks, community resources, information and activities.

Through the Community Connections program, service providers, businesses, employers and all community members have the opportunity to build cultural understanding, overcome communication barriers, strengthen community resources and together create a welcoming community for all.

Participate in the Community Connectors Program
If you are new to the Bow Valley (Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise or Kananaskis), Community Connections in the Bow Valley is here to help!

Get matched with a Volunteer Connector or Connector Family who will:
  • meet with you or you and your family weekly for a period of four months
  • introduce you to community resources, services and activities
  • support you in learning more about Canadian culture
  • provide opportunities to use conversational English and develop new social networks

Volunteer in the Community Connectors ProgramCommunity Connections
If you have lived in the Bow Valley for long enough to become comfortable and connected in the community, consider volunteering your time to support new community members.  
  • Volunteer as an individual or as a family
  • Meet with your participant or participant family weekly for a period of four months
  • Be a friendly face in the community
  • Share your knowledge of community resources and services
  • Help build stronger community connections
  • Make the Bow Valley you love feel more like home for others!
Training, support and fun activities are all part of this volunteer experience.

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