Off-Leash Dog Parks

Recreation Grounds Dog Park Closed

The Recreation Grounds Dog Park is closed for annual dry-out period and for landscaping maintenance. Reopening of the park will be announced in the coming weeks. Please check back for updates.

Foxtail Weed

Warning: Foxtail weed has been reported in the rec grounds dog park. 
Foxtail cause violent sneezing, reverse sneezing and nasal irritation to dogs
If you see Foxtail weed in the park, please report for quick removal at

  • Always supervise your dog in the park and check their ears, nose and fur following use. 
  • Check your dog before leaving to help prevent potential spread. 
  • Use of the park is at your own risk.
Aster the Dog at Rec Grounds

Off-Leash Dog Parks

There are two dog parks in the Town of Banff. One located in the industrial district and one at the Recreation Grounds off Sundance Road (see map below).

Hours of Operation: Dawn to Dusk

The Recreation Grounds off-leash dog park partially opened September 23, 2021, with some areas closed to allow grass seeding and naturalized grasses to establish for summer 2022. 

Dog Park Etiquette

To help everyone have an enjoyable time in the dog park please ensure that you and your pet adhere to the dog park rules and regulations:

  • No aggressive, sick, dogs in heat or puppies under five months
  • Dogs must be licensed and have up to date vaccinations
  • Carry a leash at all times
  • Keep your dog under voice and sight control at all times
  • Pick up waste and dispose of it immediately in the waste bins
  • Do not share water bowls to help prevent the spread of diseases

Should you witness or encounter an aggressive dog contact Municipal Enforcement at 403.762.1218 or submit an Action Request.


Not sure if your dog is ready for the park? Or are you a new pet owner and want to make sure you can identify nervous and stressful behaviours? Here are a few resources to help ensure you and your dog are off-leash park ready:


Parking will be very limited in the area as we enter another phase of the Recreation Grounds Renewal. A large part of the parking lot by the dog park will be used by the construction company beginning in February 2022 several months. Parking will be limited until completion of the Pavilion construction, estimated to be by the end of Fall 2022.


Annual pet licenses are required for dogs and cats in Banff. Licenses help us return lost pets to their owners. License fees are used to provide amenities like bag dispensers along trails, the off-leash dog park and the Banff animal shelter.

Map of the Off Leash Dog Park