Bed & Breakfast Regulations

On January 14, 2019, Council made a series of motions directing administration to seek stakeholder and community input regarding a number of areas relating to the regulations surrounding Bed and Breakfast’s within Banff. 

These included:

  • The maximum number of Bed and Breakfasts allowed through Schedule ‘D’ of the Land Use Bylaw;
  • Modified enforcement options within the Land Use Bylaw for commercial accommodation in residential properties;
  • Additional regulations in an effort to strengthen the intent that Bed and Breakfast Homes remain an accessory use and do not negatively impact housing;
  • The regulations regarding new Bed and Breakfast Home applications for heritage properties;
  • The regulations regarding Bed and Breakfast Inns;
  • The relevant bylaws with regards to property tax and/or fees and renewals relating to Bed and Breakfast to explore a differential tax rate associated with Bed and Breakfasts;
  • The impacts to changes on existing Bed and Breakfasts; and,
  • Other amendments to the Land Use Bylaw related to Bed and Breakfasts.
  • January 14, 2019 Council Report on Bed and Breakfast Regulatory Framework (PDF)

In order to solicit feedback on the Bed and Breakfast regulations, how we can improve them and how we can help maintain the high level of service visitors have come to expect from them, a working group was formed. The working group was made up of 10 members and included current B and B operators, a B and B Inn owner, a hotel operator, and members of the general public.

The working group met seven times between July 2019 and January 2020 and was facilitated by a third party. The working group produced a final report: 

In addition to the working groups recommendations, the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) and The Banff Heritage Corporation have also provided recommendations. The MPC recommendations can be found in the minutes of the March 11, 2020, meeting and the May 13, 2020, meeting. The recommendations from the Banff Heritage Corporation can be found in the minutes of the March 12, 2020, meeting.  

The recommendations from the working group, MPC and Banff Heritage Corporation are scheduled to be presented to Council at the October 13, 2020, Governance and Finance Committee meeting who will then provide direction to administration on potential bylaw amendments. Any proposed amendments would return to Council for first reading before a Public Hearing. In addition to a Public Hearing of proposed bylaw amendments, there is opportunity for public input on agenda items at any Council or Governance and Finance Committee meetings. 

Key Stages for potential Land Use Bylaw Amendments

  • Report seeking direction on potential bylaw amendments – Governance and Finance Committee – October 13, 2020.
  • First reading of proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments
  • Public Hearing for Land Use Bylaw Amendments
  • Second and third reading of proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments
  • Final approval of Land Use Bylaw amendments by Parks Canada

If you have any questions relating to the Bed and Breakfast regulations, please contact Dave Michaels, Manager, Development Services via email