Train Station Public Parking

A new, 500-stall parking lot has opened at the Banff Train Station, located at 327 Railway Avenue. This is free, public parking, with a time-limit of nine hours per day. The lot is open from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily. Motorhome/RVs are permitted. 


This parking lot was built by Banff-based Liricon Capital as part of their long-range Eco-Transit Hub plan. No tax dollars were used to build the lot. Now that the lot is complete, it is being operated by the Town of Banff. 

Closing for the Season

The Train Station Public Parking Lot closes for the season on Tuesday, October 15. The lot will reopen in May for the summer season.

Because the large lot is not needed during the winter months due to available downtown parking, and because of high snow removal costs, it will remain closed, except during certain special events when additional parking is required. 

Train Station Parking Lot
Train Station Parking Lot Map