Surprise Corner

Named for its spectacular, surprising views when viewed from Buffalo Street, Surprise Corner is an excellent place for photos and to connect to the local trail system.

Located at the corner of Buffalo Street and Tunnel Mountain Road, you can access this trail by walking along the river and taking the stairs up to Buffalo Street. There’s also a small parking lot at the corner, with access to the Hoodoo trail.

  • Surprise Corner Viewpoint to Tunnel Mountain Road: 3 kilometres, 60 metres elevation loss and gain (1 hour)
  • Surprise Corner Viewpoint to Hoodoos Interpretive Trail: 4.6 kilometres, 60 metres elevation loss and gain (1.5 hours)
  • Trail Map (PDF)

Surprise Corner in Fall

Please stay on trail and use the viewing platforms at Surprise Corner to reduce damage to valued flora.  Walking on the Corner’s steep and unstable cliffs above Bow Falls is strictly prohibited and an extreme hazard.