Roam Transit Building

A Home for Roam Transit

The Town of Banff is constructing a new building to house Roam’s fleet. This supports transit to improve mobility, and reduce traffic congestion in the Bow Valley.

This facility will keep 30+ buses on the road longer because they’ll be housed indoor rather than outside in the elements. This makes buses more reliable in cold weather and easier to start up in the morning. It also eliminates issues with frozen doors, etc. which helps save on operating costs. Electric charging also needs to happen in a heated building, so this will allow us to electrify the fleet.

Roam Building Concept Image

The building itself will be environmentally-friendly. The facility will save costs and GHG emissions, have solar power, and a district heating system. This will also be a LEED certified building.

Projected Schedule:

  • Spring/summer 2020: Start construction, deep service connections, foundations and building envelope
  • Fall/winter 2020: Building interior and sitework, district heat system connection
  • Winter 2021: Building interior, commissioning
  • March 2021: Facility construction complete.