CRD Waste Proposed Bylaw

Council has given first reading to and is considering Proposed Waste Bylaw 433 (Residential) and Proposed Waste Bylaw 434 (Non-Residential) which would include the following requirements for CRD projects: 

All construction waste storage containers must have wildlife proof covers:

  • The container cover must be equipped with a cover capable of restricting the entry of animals and preventing the escape of litter
  • The container cover must be an opaque tarp, canvas, or steel lid, or alternative material specifically approved by the Town of Banff
  • The container cover must be affixed to the container using a method that will ensure the cover remains in place

 Key CRD waste materials are separated out for recycling:

  • Materials that must be separated for recycling include: asphalt, concrete, drywall, white wood, pressure treated wood, branches scrub and brush, and assorted metals
  • Other materials include electronics, mattresses/box springs, refrigerators/freezers, lighting, and any other illegal waste

Why is the Town of Banff proposing these requirement changes? 

The Town of Banff strives to be a model environmental community, where everything we do is guided by a goal to protect this special place. 

With respect to container covers, the objective is to achieve the Town of Banff’s human-wildlife coexistence goals, minimizing the potential human impacts on wildlife within the town site.

The Town of Banff has a goal to send zero waste to landfill by 2050. Waste generated by the CRD sector makes up a significant volume of waste that is generated within the Town of Banff’s jurisdiction that could be diverted from landfill. 

We invite you to provide your input on the proposed requirement changes by emailing your answers to the following questions to 

  1. Do you think this will cause challenges with respect to your operations, costs, or otherwise? 
  2. What do you think would need to occur for these requirement changes to be implemented successfully? 
  3. Do you think that there are unintended consequences that could occur as a result of these requirements? 
  4. What special considerations should we give to stakeholders like yourself?
  5. Do you think these changes are in the best interest of Banff’s community? 
  6. Do you support the proposed requirement changes? 

 Proposed Bylaw 433 and 434 will return to Council for 2nd and 3rd reading, at which time you may provide written or verbal input directly to Council. 

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