Streetscape Design Guidelines

The Streetscape Design Guidelines are a planning document to help with street reconstruction projects in Banff. These guidelines will be applied to both municipal projects and private redevelopments so the Town’s transportation goals are reflected in the design. When streets are redeveloped, the guidelines identify features that would make Banff streets more accessible to multiple modes of transportation, such as pedestrians, strollers and cyclists, rather than being designed predominantly for vehicle traffic.

The Guidelines document identifies types of streets in Banff and suggests the optimal mix of transportation modes and landscape features for the types of streets. Designs are generic and represent the starting point for planning an individual project. Designs must be adjusted to fit the specific limitations and opportunities of each street when a redevelopment project is initiated.

As part of the guidelines, public input and communication is required for large-scale projects, such as complete road reconstruction, to ensure local knowledge and opinions are considered. 

Streetscape Guidelines