St. Julien Road Reconstruction

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St Julien Concept

The Town of Banff is scheduled to reconstruct and enhance St. Julien Road between Wolf Street and St. Julien Way in 2022. 

The goal of the reconstruction is to upgrade the utilities under the road, enhance the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, and to improve the function of the road, its shoulder area and its connections to Wolverine Street and Grizzly Street. 

The work will include adding a sidewalk, replacing aging underground water and sewer utilities and light poles, adding landscaping elements, and improving the road surface, drainage and snow storage.

The project team has developed some preliminary concept options to be used as a starting point for decisions, and refinements will be made through stakeholder engagement and the on-going technical review. These options are based on the Banff Streetscape Design Guidelines for this type of road. They have also been designed with consideration given to the unique characteristics of St. Julien Road, such as its width constraints and slope challenges. 

The timeline for the project is:

  • February-April: Public Engagement
  • April: Present what we heard to Council and confirm concept design
  • May-August: Detailed design work
  • September-October: Tender the reconstruction
  • November-January: Confirm budget with Council 
  • Spring 2022: Commence construction

From February to April 2021, the Town will be engaging residents about the St. Julien Road project, asking for knowledge, insight, ideas and concerns about the reconstruction. 

We are asking residents to view the design options and provide input starting in early March 2021. Learn more and provide your input at

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Review the Discussion Guide about design guide and the Comment Form (PDF).