2024 Banff Wildfire Forum

wildfire forum

Get Wildfire Ready!

Participate in this three-part event: 

  • an open house of information booths, 
  • outdoor demonstrations and 
  • an evening speaker series. 

Learn about Banff's wildfire response plans, FireSmart incentives for property owners, and what people in Banff need to do to get ready for wildfire.

Safe the Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2024
Time: 3 – 8 p.m. 
Location: The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre

Banff residents are invited to:

  • Watch demonstrations of the roof-top sprinklers available for homeowners
  • Watch demonstrations of the "Fire Boss" sprinklers that firefighters deploy at town perimeters and for structure protection, and demonstrations of other wildland equipment and fire response vehicles
  • Learn about the wildfire risk in Banff, the Town's prevention measures in and around town, and the changing face of wildfires on the landscape
  • Learn about wildfire smoke and health, and air quality monitoring
  • Learn about the Town's collaboration with Parks Canada on prevention, preparedness, and emergency response
  • Learn about evacuation processes in Banff and what residents need to do to be ready
  • Financial support for homeowners – Roof Replacement, Tree Replacement, Roof-top Sprinklers
  • Register for free a FireSmart Home Assessment
  • Help establish an official FireSmart Neighbourood
  • Prepare an Emergency Evacuation Kit for your home (Go Bag)
  • Pick up an Evacuation Guide and checklist, and the Shelter-in-place checklist

Who should participate:

  • People who live in the Town of Banff and elsewhere in Banff National Park
  • Business owners and managers in the Banff townsite and region
  • Organizations and Agencies in the Bow Valley involved in Emergency Coordination Centre 

2021 Online Fire Forum

The Impact of Climate Change on Wildfire in Canada

  • Dr. Mike Flannigan, Professor of Wildland Fire, and Scientific Director of the Canadian Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, University of Alberta
  • Presentation (PDF)

Town of Banff equipment used to protect against approaching wildfire 

Community Protection: Lessons from Down Under

Town of Banff FireSmart Neighbourhoods Program

Banff FireSmart - Wildfire Prevention, Emergency Alerts, Rapid Response and Evacuation 

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