Rundle Cabin Relocation/Restoration Project

Cabin moving

Project description & goals: Moving and renovation of the Rundle Campground Building #2 to service the “Into the Wild” and other nature based programs.  

Current Status:  The Rundle campground building #2 is a single story shelter built in 1924. Service building #2 likely functioned as the administrative building for the campground as the large window under the east facing gable is removable and when opened, functioned as a “drive in” service desk. Despite the relocation of the campground in 1928, the buildings remained on site and were utilized as storage until the Town of Banff relocated the structures in 1998.  

The Rundle campground service building along with the middle springs cabin form a pair and together remain the only two cabins in Banff which formed part the original Rundle campground.  

While it sat in the Recreation Grounds for years underutilized, Council directed administration to see it put to better use for outdoor and environmental programming. 

In 2020 the cabin was moved, put on a new concrete foundation, and renovated, allowing it to be used as a program space for Into the Wild program - an outdoor, nature-based program for children in grades 1 to 6. Tracking, learning to cook, crafting and developing outdoor skills are all elements in fostering and building the child’s relationship to the outdoors and are key components of the program. Other groups that will benefit from this space include: Scouts, Girl Guides, Bow Valley Naturalists, Parks Canada and Banff Elementary Nature Explorers. The Rundle Cabin is powered by a 2kW solar photovoltaic array, making it the Town of Banff’s first powered off-grid building. Six photovoltaic panels are connected to a battery system which delivers power to DC circuits for lighting.

Substantial completion was achieved by mid-October and final completion is anticipated by end of November 2020.

Cabin historic
Cabin interior 1
Cabin interior 2