Age-Friendly Community

In May of 2022, town council passed a resolution to actively support, promote and work towards becoming an age-friendly community. The goal is to promote active living for seniors by providing community supports that enable continued independence. 

To achieve this, the Town of Banff is seeking Age-Friendly Community Designation from the provincial government. An age-friendly designation promotes healthy and active aging in our community, and provides access supports and services. 

Age-friendly is the idea of making structures and services more accessible and inclusive for seniors with varying needs and capacities. This helps strengthen communities, improve businesses, and make life better for all residents.

The Town of Banff is working on completing an age-friendly community profile and assessment of services for older adults 55+.

The Community Profile includes areas identified in the Age-Friendly Checklist (PDF) of our community and assessing where we could improve programs, services, and community infrastructure

 The age-friendly assessment will include: 

  • an inventory of the services, programs and initiatives that already exist in the community
  • consideration of how existing assets can be expanded and modified
  • identification of opportunities for improving age-friendliness in the community

Through this process, the Town of Banff will:

  • Work with the recently created Age Friendly Committee on this initiative
  • Complete an age-friendly community profile and assessment of Banff using the provincial resource materials
  • Return to Council with a community profile and findings from the stakeholder engagement. This report will help to form the basis of an Age Friendly Action Plan.

Join the Committee/Volunteer 

Contact Sharon Phillips (Chair of the Age Friendly Committee)

Contact Shawn Carr Manager FCSS & Social Programs (Town of Banff representative on the Age friendly Committee)

 More information: