Banff Housing Corporation

BHC HomesThe Banff Housing Corporation (BHC) is an arm’s length, non-profit organization of the Town of Banff. Our mission is to help maintain a healthy and balanced community by offering both price restricted and equity share home ownership. The BHC’s focus is to manage the current properties within its portfolio.

Buying a BHC Home

In order to buy a BHC home, you must first be on the Registered Resale List. The list awards points to potential buyers and those with the most points are contacted first when a property becomes available. A non-refundable administrative fee of $50 must be paid when submitting your application.

About the BHC

More Information About Housing in Banff

BHC Vision:

To provide a range of affordable housing options that ensure Banff residents can find a place to call home.

BHC Mission:

Banff Housing Corporation provides and manages a diverse range of quality rental units and equity-restricted & price-restricted homes for residents and retirees of Banff National Park