Community Grants

The 2022 Community Grant process has now closed.

The Town of Banff Community Grants were established to provide an annual distribution of funds to support not for profit societies, community organizations or groups of individuals. The purpose of the grants are to enhance the quality of life for local residents and encouraging positive environmental impacts.


Town of Banff Community Grants provide support for Banff based non-profits and community groups that benefit Banff residents and enhance quality of life under three grant funding streams:

Municipal Community Wellbeing Grants

  • For registered non-profit charities, societies or community groups in serving Banff
  •  Up to $10,000 per grant.
  • Total grant money available is $10,000.
  • Projects, programs, events, operating costs, equipment or start-up funds that benefit Banff residents and enhance their quality of life in accordance with the Town of Banff’s vision, goals, and strategic priorities.
  • Municipal Community Grants Funding Guidelines and Criteria (PDF)

FCSS Building Bridges Grants

  • For local non-registered community groups and individual(s) who are eligible, that fit with the Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) funding agreement with the province and mission of strengthening the social well-being of individuals, families, and community up to $2000 per grant.
  • Typical grant size is between $100 and $2,000. Total grant money available has increased from $6,000 to $11,000.
  • Building Bridges Grant Program Guidelines and Criteria (PDF)

Positive Environmental Impact Grants

The three grant funding streams are meant to support community projects, events or equipment.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing your application, contact Community Services at 403.762.1251 or email

Grant Decisions

Applications will be reviewed and adjudicated by the Community Grants Committee and recommended recipients and amounts will be forwarded to Banff Town Council for final approval in Fall of 2022.   Funded projects for 2022 must be delivered by September 1st, 2023.  Grant recipients for 2021 must have their project and grant reports completed by June 30th, 2022. 

Other Grant Applications

The application deadline has been set after the Banff Canmore Community Foundation grant decisions will have been made. If you are applying to both the Foundation grant and a Town of Banff grant for the same project, please submit it after a decision has been made by the Foundation so the full financial information for the project can be included.

Bow Valley wide projects might be eligible to apply to the Town of Canmore grants deadline end of April 29, 2022 .  Please include information on applying for these funds in your submitted budget.

Other information

2022 FCSS Building Bridges Grant

  • Valleyview BBQ, Games and Music: $350
  • Men's Art Show and video launch: $2,000
  • Banff Chess Club - reactivation of club: $750
  • Yoga at T'inu: $600
  • No Litter Bugs Here - Community Cleanup T'inu: $540
  • Peer Support Worker Certification: $1,280
  • Local Love Card Making Workshops for the community: $1,200
  • Community Cookie BakingL $1,500
  • Banff Community Christmas Concert: $2,000

2022 Community Wellbeing Grant

  • Banff Public Library - Supporting Wellness and Food Security: $3,400
  • The Banff Sports Medicine Foundation - "Keep Kids in Play": $1,000
  • Banff YWCA - Facilitated Workshops: Leading Change: $2,300
  • Banff Curling Club - Youth Club: $1,500
  • Banff Greenhouse Gardening Society:  Enhancing Growing Experience: $1,800

2022 Positive Environmental Impact Grant

  • The Biosphere Institute - Banff Isn't Disposable: $10,000
  • Banff Housing Corporation - The T'inu Bulk Barn: $1,000
  • Banff Public Library - Food Waste and the Library of Things: $1,500
  • Banff Public Library and Community Partners Pilot - Co-Shared Community Vehicle in Banff: $5,250
  • Bow Valley Community Cruisers - Bike All Winter: $1,500

2021 Community Grants

  • The Whyte Museum - Living With Wildlife and Nature from an Indigenous Perspective: $3,500
  • The Banff Sport Medicine Foundation - "Keep Kids in Play" Multimedia Education Resources for Youth Knee Injury Prevention: $2,800
  • Banff Mineral Springs Hospital Covenant Foundation - Virtual Reality Project: $2,500
  • The Crush Collective – Climbing Gear Library - An Accessible Lending Project: $2,500
  • Bow Valley Climate Action Society - Envisioning and Preparing for our Low Carbon Future: $2,000
  • Banff Public Library - Library Listening Room Series: $2,000
  • Banff Skating Club - Operational Support due to Covid: $2,000
  • Banff Springs Golf Club -Junior Golf Equipment Project: $1,500
  • Community Cruisers - Bike All Winter: $1,200

Total: $20,000

2021 Building Bridges Grants  

  • Banff Inclusive Housing Committee - Start Up Costs: $2,000
  • Sarah Dehghan/Kate Gibson - Project Menstruation: $2,000
  • Banff Theatre Collective - One Act Play Festival: $2,000
  • Mo Valley - Cheryl Ello - Testimonial videos men’s mental and physical health: $1,500
  • Banff Mixed Slo Pitch - safety gear new injury prevention rules: $1,300
  • Banff Poet Laureate Committee - Online, interactive presentations, readings and workshops: $1,200
  • Tannia Burelo - Rural Mental Health Project Wellness Toolkits: $1,000

Total: $11,000