Community Grants

The Town of Banff is now able to restart the 2020 grant process. 

  • Deadline for applications is Monday September 21 at noon. Funded projects need to be completed by December, 31 2021.
  • In addition to the criteria for the grants (document links below) consideration will be given to projects that respond to needs arising from impacts of COVID.
  • All proposed activities included in funding applications must comply with Alberta Health Services health guidance and COVID 19 safety protocol. Applicants should refer to the ‘General Guidance’ and ‘Sector-specific guidance’ at

The following is current guidance as of August 21,2020 for community grant applicants: 

Most activities can proceed in Stage 2 with COVID precautions in place - physical distancing, hand hygiene, screening, rapid response in event of illness, stay within gathering numbers, registration to keep track of attendees etc. 

The exceptions are:

  • social gatherings that exceed listed maximums (currently max 50 indoor or 100 seated/audience events, max 100 outdoor or 200 seated/audience events)
  • indoor vocal concerts (as singing carries a higher risk of transmission)
  • major festivals and concerts, large conferences and events (as these are non-seated social events and/or vocal concerts)
  • nightclubs
  • amusement parks
  • indoor children’s play places (drop-in, unregistered)
  • major sporting events and tournaments

There may be some restrictions on businesses based on the guidance documents (ie. entertainment is limited in restaurants and cannot include vocal concerts or dancing).  However, guidance may change rapidly, so applicants should refer to the above website frequently.  For further COVID health guidance information email or 403.762.3517.

If you need assistance completing your application, contact Community Development Coordinators at 403.762.1254 or email Ruth Pryor


The Town of Banff’s Community Grants provide support to Banff’s non-profit societies, community organizations, and individuals. Funding is available through two grants:

Community Grants

  • For registered non-profit charities and societies in Banff.
  • Projects, programs, events, operating costs, equipment or start-up funds that benefit Banff residents and enhance their quality of life in accordance with the Town of Banff’s vision, goals, and strategic priorities.
  • Grants up to $5,000. Total grant money available is $10,000 for all grants awarded.
  • Municipal Community Grants Funding Guidelines and Criteria (PDF)

FCSS Building Bridges Grants

  • For community and neighbourhood groups and individuals in Banff and Lake Louise.
  • Projects that fit with the Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) mission of strengthening the social well-being of individuals, families and community (recreation initiatives that achieve this mission will be considered).
  • Typical grant size is between $100 and $2,000. Total grant money available is $6,000.
  • Building Bridges Grant Program Guidelines and Criteria (PDF)

Grant Application

The application deadline has been set after the Banff Canmore Community Foundation grant decisions will have been made. If you are applying to both the Foundation grant and a Town of Banff grant for the same project, please submit it after a decision has been made by the Foundation so the full financial information for the project can be included.

Grant Decisions

Applications will be reviewed and adjudicated by the Community Grants Committee and recommended recipients and amounts will be forwarded to Banff Town Council for final approval in October/ November 2020. Funded projects must be delivered by Dec. 31 2021 

Other information

2019 Grants Awarded in the Community

Building Bridges Grants 2019 

  • The Bear Minimum - Making Environmental Product Workshops $2,000        
  • Banff Pride – Pride in the Park event 2019 $500        
  • The Crush Collective Crushing-It: Woman’s Climbing Technique Clinics $1,638        
  • Banff Community High School Student Council - Council school culture building $1,000        
  • Filipino - Canadian Association of Bow Valley - Basketball League equipment $500        
  • Banff Poet Laureate Committee - Banff Poet Laureate workshop/ walk $500         

Community Grants 2019       

  • Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley - Speaker series & resource guide $2,500             
  • Banff Sport Medicine Foundation - Knee Injury Prevention Education & outreach $900             
  • Soroptomists International Banff & Canmore - Dream It, Be It Career Conference for Girls $1,000              
  • Banff Rundle Playschool Association - New Learning Tools for Students $1,200

Building Bridges Grants 2018 Total: $9,620

  • Banff Community Greenhouse accessible beds $1,000
  • 3rd Annual Banff Iniskim Powwow volunteer program $1,000 
  • 1st Banff Scout camping trip $1,000
  • Banff Gymnastics Club equipment  $1,000
  • Banff Rundle Play School Come Try Play School $550
  • Banff Skating Club volunteers & materials $1,000
  • Lake Louise Recreation Centre & Community Connections beginner winter sports $420
  • Banff High School Cultural Community Connections $1,000
  • Banff Seniors Society Cascade House musical therapy $750
  • St. Martha’s Place connecting seniors $1,000
  • Bow Valley Primary Care Network Spring into Health initiative $800

Building Bridges Grants 2017 Total: $8,770

  • Valleyview BBQ Block Party $300 
  • Middle Springs Community Pot Luck $300
  • Banff Chess Academy materials $1,250 
  • Mindfulness-Based Meditation for Chronic Pain materials $1340
  • Banff Theatre Collective $1,225
  • Food Security Alliance organizational development $1,000
  • Food Rescue equipment $1105
  • Banff Community High School Food for Learning $1,500
  • Bow Valley Palliative Care Society organizational development $750

Building Bridges Grants 2016  Total: $8,715

  • Music Festival $545 
  • Waiters Race $1000
  • Food Security/Waste $1350
  • Banff Pride Banners $1000 
  • Music Diversity $1,000
  • Invited to Pre-School $800
  • Smile Training $1320
  • Family Literacy $700
  • The Alpine Social Review- $1000

Building Bridges Grants 2015 Total: $8,344.00

  • Bow Valley Literacy Program- Storybook- Symbols of our Journeys- $1600.00
  • Banff Child Care- Bridging Fund for families awaiting subsidy- $2700
  • Banff Pride- Development of website, posters and advertising- $1275
  • YWCA- Purchase of tickets for youth to attend- $1,000
  • Banff Nordic Ski Society- Funds to help purchase a sled- $1769

Building Bridges Grants 2014 Total: $8,600

  • YWCA International Women’s Day $2,750
  • Lake Louise Recreation Learn to Play Ball $1,200
  • Lake Louise Recreation Coloring Lake Louise $1,300
  • Banff High Schools Drama Project $2,750
  • Nicole’s Photo Library $600