Transportation Master Plan

Ways to Go

Banff's integrated Transportation Master Plan, updated over a 14-month period, with significant public consultation, was adopted by Council in principle in May 2013. Several short-term and long-term recommended actions in five key areas will help achieve the Banff Community Plan vision of a transportation system that:

Diagonal Crossing Sign on an Intersection
  • Encourages and complements pedestrian movement and cycling
  • Enhances resident and visitor experience
  • Encourages the integration of local and regional transportation of people and goods
  • Is economically and environmentally sustainable
  • Transportation Master Plan (PDF)

Since adoption, the Town has piloted a number of the recommendations, resulting in traffic and parking changes.





Banff Long-Term Transportation Study

Other 2016 Initiatives



Using Private Parking Stalls for Public Parking

The Town has begun a project that will help utilize private parking stalls for public use. The Banff Lake Louise Hotel Motel Association indicated some of their members had parking stalls that were going unused, and that they would be willing to make them available to the public. Council committed $8,500 to the project, which will pay for temporary parking signage private lot owners can use to direct the public to available spots. It will also provide online advertising of those stalls through the Banff Parking website.. The Town will also maintain and distribute a registry of private parking stalls for long-term rental.