Learn about jobs with the Town of Banff - our municipal government organization within Banff National Park.

Taking Care of Banff: our People, our Community, our Park

Human Resources Values - Accountability, Efficiency, Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism

Every function of every job at the Town plays a vital role in the memory and experience of the people in Banff - no matter how long they are here. Our employee-created mission statement reflects the belief that we can make a difference at work and outside of work.

Taking Care of Banff 

Our employees have diverse skills, knowledge and experiences and are dedicated to:

Our People

Our employees care about the 8,300 residents of Banff, the three million annual visitors, and one another

Our Community

Our employees care about keeping the Town of Banff beautiful, and providing resources, information and access to services.

Our Park

Our employees care about working and living in a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are committed to environmental stewardship.