Taxes & Utilities

View of Banff from Tunnel Property Taxes

Property tax pays for municipal infrastructure and services: fire rescue, police, public transit, leisure programs, roads, snow clearing, parks, The Fenlands, library services and more. The cost of delivering these services at a level determined by Council form the basis of each year's budget.

If you are a property owner in Banff, you pay an annual property tax based on the assessed value of your property at a rate determined by total tax revenue needed to pay for these municipal services, the total assessed value of property in Banff, and the total taxes paid to other levels of government, among other factors.

Taxes are due by the last working day in June. Tax notices are sent at the end of May

Paying Taxes

Utility Payments

Water and sewer are self-supporting utilities. This means that the cost of running the systems is fully funded by utility billings. Meters are read at regular intervals for each billing period and utility bills are mailed four times a year with payment is due on the date shown. As with taxes, you can arrange automatic withdrawals.

Provincial Education Tax & Using the Tax Room

 The Government of Alberta determines the total education tax amount required to be collected annually from Banff property owners.

If the amount of education tax required is reduced, the Town is able to increase the amount of property tax it collects without adversely impacting the overall total collected from the property owner. Revenues collected by using that extra tax room are directed to capital reserves.

The Town's use of the extra tax room afforded by the reduction in education taxes collected does not impact the school board funding allocation or budget, or the total provincial education tax collected. For more information on school taxes, visit the Government of Alberta's website.