Sidewalk Seating Permits

Sidewalk CafeSidewalk seating provides animation, vibrancy and – when designed appropriately – contributes to positive visitor experiences in Banff.

To encourage sidewalk cafes while also respecting urban design principles, the Town of Banff follows the Sidewalk Seating/Café Policy C7005 (PDF). This policy outlines the criteria for the establishment of restaurant seating within the public realm. Please refer to these guidelines for Sidewalk Seating located within the Pedestrian Zone.

In order to qualify for Banff's Sidewalk Seating Program, applicants must:

  • have Eating and Drinking Establishment or Grocery Store approval,
  • have Business Frontage at grade,
  • be located in the CD Commercial Downtown Land Use District; and,
  • be able to demonstrate the sidewalk can accommodate restaurant seating and maintain required Pedestrian Zones as described by Council policy.

To complete a Sidewalk Seating Application, the following is required:

  • Completed Sidewalk Seating Application Form
  • A Sidewalk Furniture Plan (Scale 1:100)
  • Furniture Specifications and Furniture Photographs
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Application Fee

The fees for Sidewalk Seating can be found in Schedule O of the Fees and Charges Bylaw (PDF) and are based on the level of service provided.