Residential Recycling & Garbage

The residential sector makes up 32% of Banff’s waste that ends up in the landfill. You can do your part by recycling everything possible to keep from sending more to the landfill.

Find out where to bring your waste

  • Recycling Bin Locations Map (PDF)
  • Food waste bins: Food waste bins are white, and you can find them at the Beaver Street recycling depot, Hawk Avenue, Cave Avenue, Middle Springs Drive, the intersection of Squirrel and Rabbit Street, and Jasper Way.
  • Recycling bins: Recycling bins are blue and can be found at 48 unique locations around town.
  • Garbage bins: Garbage bins are brown and black and can be found at numerous locations around Banff.

Find out how to sort your waste

Reusable Bins
Reusable recycling bins and food collection bins are available for purchase from Town Hall, 110 Bear Street.