Cemeteries & Burials

Banff has two cemeteries:

Eligibility for Burial:

The deceased must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Was born within the Town of Banff corporate limits
  • Was a permanent resident of Banff National Park at the time of death
  • Was a permanent resident of Banff National Park for a cumulative period of at least 15 years
  • Was the immediate next of kin of a person whose remains are interred in the cemetery

Graves may be pre-purchased at Mountain View Cemetery only.

Proof of ownership is required at time of interment.

Burial Arrangements:

The next of kin or personal representative of the deceased must complete:

  • Grave Certificate Application Form (PDF) 
    • required for new grave purchases only. Additional Plot Requested: selecting “yes” means a double plot will be purchased. This is effectively an additional grave for future internment of family members. Selecting “no” means only a single plot is being purchased. The family must initial to understand that they know an additional grave is not being reserved for them in the future.
    • The grave holder must be a living person as this person will authorize all future burials in the grave. When the grave certificate names multiple grave holders, any one of those grave holders may grant permission for interments.
  • Interment Application (PDF) This form collects information about the person to be interred and details of the service and the grave site.
  • Statutory Declaration (PDF) To show eligibility criteria has been met for interment requires a Commissioner of Oaths’ signature. Commissioner of Oaths are available at Town Hall through Bylaw Services (403.762.1218).
  • Burial Permit: This Permit is issued by the Province at time of death and is required prior to interment.
  • Monument Application (PDF) This Application will be completed by a monument company for approval prior to building and erecting a monument. 

Forward completed applications to the Town of Banff by email at cemeteries@banff.ca

Applications must be received three business days prior to the interment.

An invoice for a grave purchase, interment services and monument application will be sent to the applicant following the internment. 

Plot Ownership Changes:

Please fill out the Plot/Grave Owner Change Of Ownership Certificate form (PDF) and provide supporting documentation.

 All burials in existing graves need to be authorized by the current Plot/Grave Owner. 

The Executor of a deceased Plot/Grave Owner can transfer the ownership by providing a notarized letter:

  1. Confirming their Executor status
  2. Naming the new owner

 If the executor is no longer living, the executor of their estate will be required to produce a notarized letter affirming the chain of custody.  

Other things to know:

  • Funeral processions must reach the cemetery by 2 p.m. on the day of the burial.
  • Burials are not usually held on Sundays or statutory holidays, but alternate arrangements may be made with the Town of Banff.
  • Additional fees may apply for interments occurring after hours, on weekends and statutory holidays. 
  • The applicant is responsible for purchasing a mandatory grave vault from a funeral home for any full burials.
  • On the day of the burial, Town of Banff staff will prepare the plot/grave and direct the family or representative to the grave or plot site.
  • Once the private service has concluded and the urn or casket has been placed in the ground, Town of Banff staff will close the grave.
  • Cemeteries Bylaw 39-1 (PDF)
  • Should you wish to dedicate a bench in memory of a loved one, see the Banff Bench Program for details.