Cemeteries & Burials

Banff has two cemeteries:

Eligibility for burial in Mountainview Cemetery:

  • The deceased must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Was a permanent resident of Banff at the time of passing
    • Had been a previous resident of Banff National Park for 25 years or more
    • Have an immediate next-of-kin already buried in the plot
  • Plots or graves may not be pre-purchased; they may only be purchased at the time of passing
  • In certain circumstances, most commonly when the deceased has been pre-deceased by a family member, a plot or grave may already be owned, in which case, proof of ownership is required

How is a burial arranged?

  1. The next-of-kin or personal representative of the deceased must complete a burial application, a monument application and a statutory declaration. Include special requests or arrangements with the burial application.
  2. Forward completed applications to the Town of Banff Operations at 120 Hawk Avenue or fax to 403.762.1263 or email to Operations
  3. Applications must be received three business days prior to the interment.
  4. An invoice for the plot or grave, interment services and monument application will be sent to the applicant following the burial.

Other things to know:

  • Funeral processions must reach the cemetery by 3 p.m. on the day of the burial.
  • Burials are not usually held on Sundays or statutory holidays, but alternate arrangements may be made with the Town of Banff and may involve additional fees.
  • The applicant is responsible for purchase of a mandatory grave vault from a funeral home for any full burial.
  • On the day of the burial, Town of Banff staff will prepare the plot/grave and direct the family or representative to the grave or plot site.
  • Once the private service has concluded and the urn or casket has been placed in the ground, town staff will return to close the grave.
  • Cemeteries Bylaw 39-1 (PDF)
  • Should you wish to dedicate a bench in memory of a loved one, see the Banff Bench Program for details.