Mission & Values

Our Employee mission:

 “Taking care of Banff - our Community, our People, our Park” 

Human Resources Values - Accountability, Efficiency, Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism

The Town of Banff offers a supportive and entrepreneurial workplace where we value initiative and risk-taking. We aim to be a leader in mountain park communities, and encourage that same kind of thinking in our people.

We aim to achieve our mission through our values which are:

Teamwork: We pitch in, unconditionally, when and where help is needed. We are united in a strong belief that none of us is more important than all of us. It’s all our jobs.

Professionalism: We are engaged in every activity and interaction. We inspire excellence by holding ourselves and others to a high level of expertise, skill and qualifications.

Efficiency: We effectively use our resources of time, effort and materials. We are competent and productive and find innovative ways to minimizing waste of energy, effort and material.

Integrity: We are trustworthy, honest and honourable. We recognize that decisions and actions are made for the greater good and we are committed to doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Accountability: We are proud to serve the public and take responsibility for the risks and outcomes of our decisions and actions. We take ownership for the quality of our work, our productivity and our knowledge.

It's our employees that make our workplace the best! You can't beat the people, the mountain views and the variety of traditional and non-traditional benefits we offer.