Connect with Council

Share your feedback, comments and concerns about Town issues: 

Speak at a Council Meeting
There are two ways you can provide input at a council meeting. To learn about upcoming meetings of council, subscribe to Agendas and Minutes for council meetings.

  • Speak to a topic on the agenda
    Near the beginning of each council meeting, the agenda identifies an opportunity for the public to comment. Note the section called "Public Input on Agenda Items." Anyone can speak at this time, but comments must be confined to an item on the agenda. Complete this form to speak at a meeting.
  • Present at a council meeting on any topic
    You can appear before council as a delegation on any topic. To book a time to speak at a council meeting, contact the municipal clerk at 403.762.1209 or Requests must be received by noon the Monday prior to a meeting. For helpful hints: Tips for a Successful Presentation.

Attend a public hearing
Public hearings are held to get input on specific bylaws being considered by council. These hearings are advertised in the newspaper and on this website for at least two weeks before they occur. Anyone may attend and provide an opinion on the specific topic under discussion.

Send it in writing.
If you would like your correspondence presented at a public council meeting, please send it directly to the Municipal Clerk.

  • Email: Email Municipal Clerk
  • Fax: 403.762.1260
  • In person: Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street
  • Mail: Town of Banff, Attn: Municipal Clerk, P.O Box 1260, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1A1
  • Complete this form to submit a comment on an approved agenda item

Submit a petition
Petitions are legal documents that request Council to take action. Because they carry a lot of weight, petitions need to comply with several legal requirements. Find out how to submit a petition.

Request the Mayor to speak at your event
Requests for the Mayor to speak at your event must be submitted at least 14 days in advance, and more advanced notice is preferred. The Mayor may request another member of council to bring greetings if the Mayor is unavailable. Submission of a request to speak does not guarantee a representative of the Town of Banff will be available. Please complete this form to request the Mayor speak at your event.

Request a Media Interview with the Mayor:
email or call 403.762.1207