Banff Heritage Corporation

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The Banff Heritage Corporation works toward the protection, preservation, enhancement and promotion of Banff’s built heritage. This includes maintaining a heritage resource policy and regulatory framework with incentives, financial assistance and grant funding for property owners seeking to restore, maintain and protect built heritage. The Banff Heritage Corporation is also responsible for building awareness and appreciation of the town’s unique heritage resources by providing information relating to the historic built environment, promoting local history through community partnerships, stakeholder engagement, media, interpretative signage and publications.


2.1 The Heritage Corporation Board consists of 8 directors and two ex-officio representatives:

  • 4 public member directors appointed by Council;
  • 1 Council director;
  • 1 Parks Canada director;
  • 1 Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies director;
  • 1 Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation director;
  • 1 ex-officio advisor (non-voting member) from the Province of Alberta ; and
  • 1 ex-officio advisor (non-voting member) from the Alberta Association of Architects.

2.2 Residents of Banff.

2.3 Residents 18 years of age or older.


3.1 Residents active on other Town of Banff Boards, Committees, Commissions, and Corporations.

3.2 Town of Banff employees.


4.1 Professional experience, education and interest in the areas of heritage conservation, cultural resource management, architecture, building and development, project management, marketing and communications, public relations or asset management.

4.2 Broad knowledge of the community and the natural and human history of Banff.

4.3 Strong interest, passion and support for heritage conservation and stewardship.

4.4 Clear understanding of governance board principles and willingness to work within a governance structure.

4.5 Previous board experience in either business or not for profit sectors.

4.6 An understanding of the implications of development applications, demolition applications and special projects, works or studies on cultural heritage resources.

4.7 Financial literacy and experience in grant administration, fund development, strategic planning and budgeting.

4.8 Previous board experience and ability to multi-task, organize and prioritize tasks.

4.9 A strong public service orientation.

4.10 Integrity and high ethical standards.

4.11 Communication/interpersonal skills to facilitate discussion.

4.12 Strong decision making skills.


5.1 The Board meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday of every other month at 1:30 p.m. Meetings are approximately two hours, based on the work requirements of the Board.

5.2 Special working group meetings may be called by the Chair of the Board.

5.3 Preparation time for meetings.

5.4 Representation at Council meetings as required.

5.5 Additional advocacy at community and program events and initiatives as required. 

6.0 TERM

6.1 Public members serve three year terms.

6.2 Members can serve two consecutive terms to a maximum of six (6) years.


7.1 Orientation by Planning and Development staff.

7.2 Conferences/seminars/courses and depending upon budget.

7.3 Ongoing Planning and Development staff support/liaison.


8.1 Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the board’s mandate and programs.

8.2 Prepare for meetings by reading agendas, minutes reports and other documentation required to actively participate in them.

8.3 Attend meetings regularly.

8.4 Contribute skills and knowledge by participating actively in meetings and committee work.

8.5 Make inquiries when clarification or more information is needed.

8.6 Understand and monitor the board’s financial affairs.

8.7 Avoid any potential conflicts of interests.

8.8 Understand and maintain confidentiality.

8.9 Ensure the board is complying with all legal and regulatory requirements.


9.1 Voluntary role. 

Banff Heritage Corporation

The Banff Heritage Corporation works toward the protection, preservation, enhancement and promotion of Banff’s built heritage.

The corporation meets bi-monthly on the third Thursday of every other month at 1:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public.

More Information

For meeting locations, or to register to speak at the meeting, contact:

Kathleen Gallagher, Development Planner
Planning and Development
Town of Banff 

Heritage Corporation Meeting


Karen Elizabeth Garbert
Public Member
Deborah Cameron
Public Member
Kathryn Madill-Scott
Public Member
Vacant Public Member
Susan KennardParks Canada Agency Alternate
Steve Malins
Parks Canada Agency Representative
Roland CharpentierAlberta Association of Architects
A.L. Sandy AumonierAlberta Culture and Tourism
Anne EwenWhyte Museum Director
Marjory Gibney
Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation Director
Anita BattrumHonorary Community Member
Ted ChristensenCouncil Representative
Kaylee RamCouncil Representative (alternate)