Residential Environmental Rebates

The Town of Banff provides financial rebates to support residents in choosing energy-efficient and renewable energy components for their homes.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for Town of Banff residential environmental rebates, please complete and submit the Residential Environmental Rebate Application form. If you’re unsure if the item you’re considering qualifies, please contact Planning and Development at 403.762.1215.

  1. The rebate program has relaunched as of January 1, 2021, with the exception of the Snow and Ice Walking Aid and Studded Tire Rebate, where receipts must be dated Nov. 23, 2020 or later. For all other rebates, receipts must be dated January 1, 2021 or later.

Environmental Rebates

The following list shows which rebates are available to Banff residents:

Snow and Ice Walking Aid

  • Get a rebate on the purchase of urban crampons, also known as traction devices,  footwear ice spikes, and a variety of brand names.  $20 rebate.  This rebate is offered Oct. 1 through March  31.

Studded Tire Rebate

  • Studded bike tires - $40/tire (or $40/bike conversion  kit) This rebate is offered Oct. 1 through March  31.

Clothes washer

  • Clothes washer- $75 (Energy Star certified, or CEE Tier 1 or 2)
  • Clothes washer - $150 (Energy Star Most Efficient, or CEE Tier 3+)


  • Dishwasher - $100 (Energy Star certified, or CEE Tier 1+)

Door Replacement

  • Installing energy efficient doors in your home reduces your energy use and heating bills. Door  replacement- $100 per door (Energy Star certified)

Energy Audit

  • EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation completed by an NRCan licensed Service Provider - Lesser of $500 or one third of cost


  • Reduce your annual energy use and heating bill by installing an Energy Star certified furnace. $500 rebate available for a high-efficiency (Energy Star certified).

Rain Barrels

  • By installing a rain barrel to capture water from your roof, you can harvest rain water to use for watering your plants, conserve water and save on your water bill. $50 rebate.


  • Old fridges use more electricity than any other home appliance. Upgrading an old fridge can reduce its energy usage by 30%. Refrigerator - $150 (Energy Star certified, or CEE Tier 1 or 2). Refrigerator - $300 (Energy Star Most Efficient, or CEE Tier 3+). 

Solar Hot Water Heater

  • Using sunshine to pre-heat your water can cut your annual hot water costs by up to 50%. $650 rebate available for an Energy Star certified solar hot water heater from the Town of Banff. 


  • Toilets are often the largest source of water use in a home, accounting for 30% of an average home’s water use. Replacing older toilets with new water-efficient ones can reduce water use and water bills. Dual flush toilet - lesser of $100 or 50%. Low-flow toilet (4.8 LPF) - lesser of $100 or 50%.

Window Replacement

  • Upgrading to energy efficient windows reduces heating costs and road noise, and increases air tightness and the value of your home. Window replacement  - $100 per window (Energy Star certified). Window replacement  - $200 per window (Energy Star Most Efficient). 


To be eligible for some rebates, the energy efficiency of a specific product must be certified under either the Energy Star or CEE program.  These certifications are typically listed in the specifications for individual products.   For additional information on what products are eligible, please consult the product lists provided at the following web sites:

Energy Star Products:

CEE Products:

Rebate applications are accepted at any time (except for the studded tire and walking aid rebates, which are seasonal).  Please do not hesitate to apply.