Tour Bus Regulations & Parking

Commercial (tour) buses will find 15-minute loading zones adjacent to most Banff hotels. Two-hour bus parking is behind the Mount Royal Hotel. Overnight parking is in the Banff Industrial Compound.

From May 12–24, 2022, out-of-town commercial buses can park overnight in the Mount Royal commercial bus lot on Beaver Street and Caribou Street, while the usual lot in the Industrial District is unavailable. 

Commercial Buses

  • No parking on any Banff street except in designated bus zones
  • Bus zones are limited to 15-minute loading/unloading
  • No stopping in transit zones
  • No idling while at a standstill
  • Use designated bus routes only
  • Tour Bus Parking Map (PDF)

Idle Free Banff

Idling of commercial vehicles is not permitted within the Town of Banff.

No Idling Sign