BanffLIFE is the best resource for young adults aged 18 to 30 to get started in Banff, including:

BanffLIFE is dedicated to promoting healthy, balanced lifestyles for young adults living and working in Banff.  We help nurture a sense of community through accessible activities, educational workshops and connecting to resources

Mountain Adventure Program
These programs are specifically and exclusively for local young adults (18 to 30 years old). Special equipment is typically provided, most trips are introductory, and no prior experience is necessary. Mountain Adventure Programs are for Banff and Lake Louise residents only. 

NEW! You can now register online for BanffLIFE Adventurer programs. To register click here. Select Courses and view all the BanffLIFE programs currently being offered. 

Note: Banff residents may only register for one course of each type per year (i.e. one ice climbing and one Avalanche Safety Training). 

The Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation generously supports Banff resident registration fees for Mountain Adventure Programs.