Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment

Upcoming Renewal

The Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment Plan (PDF) was adopted by council on March 23, 2015. It is a guiding document that guides the redevelopment at the recreation grounds over 10 years (2015-2025).  

Improvements will provide residents and visitors with a mix of new and improved amenities, while supporting increases in visitation to day use facilities. The plan also includes lifecycle maintenance projects.  

Rec Grounds

Upcoming Projects in 2022:

  • Civil work construction (water and sewer) to the Pavilion 
  • Build Pavilion (change room for recreation users and civic operations storage)
  • Basketball court resurfacing
  • Complete trail connections to new pedestrian bridge  
  • Creation of dedicated horse trail relocated to the south perimeter of the park
  • Improvement and realignment of all recreation ground trails
  • Protection shelter renovations (wall removal and lifecycle work)

Subsequent year projects include:

  • Toboggan Hill
  • Informal skating rink
  • new bicycle pump track
  • children's nature park

Each project year may also include smaller projects including signage upgrades, tree planting, natural fitness elements and picnic site improvements.

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Banff Recreation Grounds Renewal Plan

Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment - Site Plan

Banff Recreation Grounds Redevelopment - Site Plan Legend

The 2021 recreation grounds renewal work represents a $3.2 million investment, including $500,000 from the Government of Alberta to redevelop a central trail, a north perimeter trail, a new horse trail relocated to the south perimeter, and maintenance/servicing trails. Previous provincial investment includes $40,000 towards the addition of a second community greenhouse in 2018 and $100,000 towards the creation of a skateboard park in 2017.

Expenditure in 2016-2020 amounted to $2.3 million. Total spending for 2021-2025 will be approximately $9.9 million. The full funding for this multi-year Recreation Grounds Renewal represents an investment of 12.2 million.

Completed projects as part of the renewal include:

  • New off-leash Dog Park (fenced on repurposed area of one existing ball diamond - about same size as current Dog Park)
  • New/enhanced irrigation system for Ball Diamonds and Sports Field 
  • Track rehabilitation and expansion of Sports Field 
  • Picnic table upgrades (2017)
  • Creation of Skatepark (2017)
  • South parking lot (2018)
  • Ball diamond fencing (2018)
  • Addition of second Community Greenhouse (2018)
  • Trail to greenhouse (2018)
  • North playground (2019)
  • North parking lot repairs (2019)
  • Norquay, Little Bow and Protection shelter repairs (2019)
  • Rundle cabin move and restoration and user group storage boxes (2020)
  • Design for the sports field, ball diamond irrigation, skatepark and sports field picnic areas and dog park (2020)