Banff Access Program

The Banff Access Program provides qualified low-income applicants with discounts on community services and products. A card is provided free of charge to the following Banff residents:

  • Adults (18+ years of age) and their children, living under the Banff Affordability Measure Level (see chart below) who have lived in Banff for 3 months prior to date of application
Access Card

NEW: The Town of Banff has added another level of discount to the Access Card Program qualifying income earners up to 20% above the current cut off. The new Tier 2 level will give individuals and families access to Town of Banff registered programs at 25% discount and FREE access to all Town of Banff drop in programs. This does not currently include discounted bus passes or other partner programs (all under review).

New this year: Banff residents that do not qualify for the Access Program are eligible for the Free Sport and Recreation Sessions. There is a $10 annual fee for adults, with children and youth fees being generously supported by the Wim and Nancy Pauw Foundation.

Contact the Town of Banff at 403.762.1251 to see if you qualify for the Banff Access Card.

Family SizeTier 1 eligibility (Banff Affordability Measure cut off)Tier 2 NEW 20% above current Banff Affordability Measure cut off

Total Before Tax (Gross Income)20% above Tier 1
1 person$32,939$39,527
2 people$41,007$49,208
3 people$50,414$60,497
4 people$61,209$73,451
5 people$69,423$83,308
6 people+$78,296$93,955

Note: Gross income is shown on line 150 of your 2019 Notice of Assessment.

The Banff Access Card provides the following discounts: 

Tier 1 (current discount offerings)Tier 2 - NEW November 2019
Town of Banff Programs
Community Class Registration 50% off25%
Out-of-School Club Registration 50% off25%
Summer Fun Registration 50% off25%
Winter - Skate Rentals at The FenlandsFreeFree
Winter - Public Skate/Shinny Drop-in Fees FreeFree
Summer - Roller Skate Rentals at The FenlandsFreeFree
Summer - Roller Skate Drop-in FeesFreeFree
Drop-in Recreation Programs

Roam TransitCurrent discounts applied
6 Month Local Pass ($10 card fee)
FreeUnder Review
Regional Transit Single Ride Pass50% offUnder Review
Regional Transit 10 Ride Pass50% offUnder Review
Regional Transit Month Pass50% offUnder Review

Partner ProgramsTier 1 Discount Tier 2 Discount
Banff National Perk Coffee House20% on food and beveragesN/A
Banff Minor Soccer50% off soccer registrationN/A
Banff Minor Hockey25% off hockey registrationN/A
Sally Borden Fitness & Recreation20% off public swim feeN/A
Banff Dental Care20% off Sonicare toothbrushes/headsN/A
Bow Valley Learning Council50% off program registration25% off program registration. Contact or 403.762.8114 for exceptions
artsPlace Canmore65% off courses, camps and
half-day Friday programs
50% off workshops, movies, special screenings and live performances
Free Family Sunday artsPlay programs, art drop-ins and live presentations
15% discount on Banff-based programs
Canmore Museum and Geoscience CentreFree Museum AdmissionFree Museum Admission

To apply:

Contact Community Services 403-762-1251 for information on how to apply.  You will be asked to provide the following documents and/or additional documents to qualify.

Provide the following: 

1. A copy of your 2019 "Notice of Assessment" (after filing your annual tax return, you will receive this in the mail from Revenue Canada - if you need assistance, call Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281.) 


2. Provide three current pay stubs and proof of employment/residency for 3 months prior to date of application


3. Government issued benefits (i.e. AISH, EI, Disability) 

To re-apply: You must provide a Notice of Assessment from your previous year’s tax return. (If you need assistance with tax preparation, you can attend one of our workshops or see if a volunteer can help you. Residents who have low income and simple tax situations are eligible).

Please note: The Banff Access Card cannot be used in combination with other subsidies or discounts. 

Banff Access Card Business Partnership Program

Be part of the discounts offered through the Banff Access Card and provide qualified applicants affordable opportunities. The program is available for local businesses who go above and beyond to offer products and services to a segment of the population who may currently be unable to afford them. Learn more about participating in the program (PDF).

Business Access Card Program.jpg