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Trails Master Plan Projects

Action 14: Improve the pedestrian and multi-use trail network from Banff Avenue to the Bow River Trail through the following actions: A. Work with the Whyte Museum to create a multi-use trail connection from the intersection of Lynx Street and Bear Street through to Bow Avenue and the Bow River Trail; include wayfinding signage.

Action 29: Creating and promoting well-defined visitor-oriented trails

Action 31: Creating clear and focused wayfinding to key Parks Canada trailheads

Action 35: Adopting signage tailored towards providing information, trail etiquette, and improving accessibility

Action 39: Installing trail mini-maps at key trail intersections

Action 40: Including wayfinding and distance markers along key routes

Action 44, 47: Improving wayfinding to key destinations

Action 48: Improving signage to discourage visitors from going through the Middle Springs neighbourhood

Action 8: Improve the paved pathway alignment and grade on the northeast side of the Banff Avenue Bridge between the sidewalk and the Bow River Trail. This will help to provide a more accessible grade and reduce cyclist speeds at this trail intersection. It also includes a curb cut for cyclists. Work was completed in May 2018.

Action 19: Narrow the painted driving lanes slightly, from approximately 3.75 to 3.3 metre, and repair the asphalt shoulder drainage, in order to create a new 1.5 metre painted cyclist lane from approximately the 400 block of Otter Street to the intersection of Hidden Ridge Way. On the downhill, cyclists would be expected to mix with vehicles, as is currently the case. This was completed in July 2018.

Action 20A: Narrow the painted driving lanes slightly from approximately 3.5 to 3.0 metre in order to create a wider (1.27 to 1.84 metre) multi-use pedestrian/bike lane from the cemetery up to Surprise Corner. Downhill, cyclists would be expected to mix with vehicles, as is currently the case. This was completed in July 2018.

Locations of Proposed On-Road Improvements

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Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan will be used to help guide the development of trails and trail maintenance in the Town of Banff for the next 10 years. Adopted by council on February 23, 2015, the intention of the plan is to help the town create a more robust trails network to support recreational uses, visitor experience and a more sustainable active transportation system.

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