Trails Master Plan

Bow River Trail - Trail Network
Banff Trails Master Plan

Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan will be used to help guide the development of trails and trail maintenance in the Town of Banff for the next 10 years. Adopted by council on February 23, 2015, the intention of the plan is to help the town create a more robust trails network to support recreational uses, visitor experience and a more sustainable active transportation system.

Download a copy of the Trails Master Plan (PDF)

Projects in Progress:

  • Upgrade the trail along Bow Falls Road from Rundle Avenue to Bow Falls to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians. During the 2022 budget discussions $215,000 was removed from RC-52-15 Trails Improvements in 2022 and added to this project in 2026
  • Trails Master Plan priorities that are ongoing include the following:
  • Trail signage/rehabilitation on informal trails to St. Julien Rd along Wolverine St. 
  • Working with partners on strategies tied to trail etiquette, use and access (i.e. updating signage, bike rack monitoring/install/storage/disposal, improving connections, charging infrastructure, etc.).
  • Construction of the Cave Ave to Jasper Way Trail (Spring 2023)
  • Changes to the Trails Lighting Policy and lighting assessments for nighttime commuting trails.
  • Implementation of a trails classification and rating system that aligns with national and internationally recognized systems. 
  • Ongoing maintenance of trail counters and data.
  • Research potential policy, program and infrastructure changes to better support winter cycling.

Trail Lighting Projects 

Project description & goals: Bollard style trail lighting was installed on the north and south side of the Muskrat St. Pedestrian Bridge in the spring of 2022.  Trail lighting bollards have also been installed on the approach to the new Nancy Pauw Pedestrian Bridge.  Council is currently reviewing potential future trail lighting projects that would improve nighttime commuter connectivity in the townsite.  Future trail lighting projects will be undergoing a review with Town Council and Parks Canada in the upcoming months. 

Current Status: Trail lighting that will support safe and active transportation (i.e. walking and cycling) over the Bow River is complete. The lighting will connect the trails leading to the pedestrian bridge (i.e. to Buffalo Street and Glen Avenue).  The lights will be attached to short posts that direct warm light onto the pathway while also shielding the non-trail side. This will help to reduce light pollution and respect the dark night sky in the National Park. Trail Lighting Policy (PDF).

For more information about the project please email Amanda Arbuckle or call 403.762.1213.