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Banff's Streets

Posted on: January 11, 2022

SnowDays Winter Festival

SnowDays is coming to Banff this week and several locations will be affected as Banff & Lake Louise Tourism sets up sites:

  • Bear Street is closed to vehicles January 14-31  (between the parkades access at Brewster’s Mountain Lodge and the Bear Street Mall) for the sculpting and display of snow sculptures 
  • The Bear Street Surface Parking Lot is fully closed on January 14, 17 and 31. A portion of the parking lot will be accessible, only from the alley, on the remaining days of SnowDays
  • The High School field is being transformed into a winter PlayZone for several activities Jan. 19-30. Beaver Street is closed along the High School field during set up starting Jan. 12 and for take down on Jan. 31.

Learn about activities in the Jan. 19-30 festival and other locations of hosting SnowDays at 

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