How much time is typically given in an evacuation notice?
As much time as possible dependent on the nature of the emergency will be given through the Emergency Coordination Centre and could be up to several days in advance of an Evacuation Order.

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1. If my neighbourhood is being evacuated and I’m elsewhere, can I go home?
2. If my children are at school and I receive an evacuation order, can I go get them?
3. My neighbourhood is being evacuated, my pets are at home unattended and I’m at work. Can I go get them?
4. How do I find out if there’s an emergency? How do I find out if there is an evacuation order?
5. I don’t have a vehicle. How do I evacuate with my belongings?
6. My neighbour is elderly, or disabled. How will they be taken care of?
7. How much time is typically given in an evacuation notice?
8. What’s the difference between an evacuation alert and an evacuation order?
9. How do I protect my home if I’ve been evacuated?
10. Do I have to leave if I receive an evacuation order?
11. Where is the emergency reception centre?
12. Will I be able to take my pet to the emergency reception centre with me?
13. Will my home insurance cover accommodation and food charges if I am evacuated?
14. How long will an evacuation last?
15. How will I find out when I can go home?