Ice Rentals

The Fenland has arena ice rentals available from mid-August to May.   Ice rental applications are accepted starting in January of each year. Applications are processed in order of priority which includes, the economic and social benefit to the Town and whether applicants that are in Good Standing with the Town. Good Standing means that Renters and their participants have adhered to the Facility Guidelines and Regulations, insurance, deposit and final payment requirements, as outlined in the Rental Application (the Agreement).   More information regarding the ice allocation process can be found by viewing The Public Use of Municipal Facilities Policy.   

To submit an ice rental application, please complete the following form after viewing current availability. 

 2022 Ice Rental Rates

Rate TypeResident Per HourNon-Resident Per Hour

Adult Prime



Adult Non-Prime



Youth Prime



Youth Non-Prime



Prime time is from 3:30 p.m. and on, on weekdays and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Proof of residency required to access Banff Resident Rates. 

 Most applications will be processed (approved/declined) by May each year.

Seasonal user groups (reoccurring weekly bookings) are provided with weekly and weekend tournament block bookings based on the prior year’s allocation.  Any requested changes including, additional time or date changes must be submitted by January each year for consideration.   For more information or to inquire about seasonal user group bookings please e-mail,

For curling lounge (September 15 to May) and ice rentals visit

Other things to know about ice bookings at The Fenlands Banff Recreation Centre:

  • Proof of insurance that lists the Town of Banff and Parks Canada as additional insured must be provided a minimum 30 days prior to the rental start date.
  • The draft game schedule, damage deposit, final payment, permits and licenses must be submitted 30 days prior to the rental start date.
  • All visitor’s vehicles must purchase and display a valid Parks Canada Pass.
  • Dressing rooms are accessible 45 minutes prior to on-ice booked time and 30 minutes post. 
  • Games and tournament ice bookings must adhere to the Town’s flooding protocols as follows (included in booked blocks):
    1. Under-7 (U7), Under-9 (U9) and Under-11(U11) minor hockey: start of game and no more than 105 minutes.
    2. Under-13 (U13) and Under-15 (U15) minor hockey, recreation, pond and adult hockey: no more than two periods or 40 minutes of play. 
    3. Under-18 (U18) and hockey schools: no more than one period or 20 minutes of play.
    4. WHL, university and college: after every period or 20 minutes of play.