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Council Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Strategic PrioritiesCouncil Strategic Plan 2015-2018
This four-year strategic plan is a guiding document that concentrates on seven themes, with fourth year measurable outcomes for each, as well as annual tactics.

Themes throughout the four years are housing, trails, transportation, economic prosperity, recreation, environment and social well-being.

Regular Council Updates 
Council reviews the progress of this plan at each council meeting. You'll find updates posted regularly on each priority page of the council agenda.

Council Strategic Plan 2019-2022
Banff Town Council has begun preparing for a new four-year plan that outlines priorities and a timeline for projects over the short term.

Council is engaging officials for feedback on past priority areas such as transportation, housing, and trails to examine success in moving towards goals in the Community Plan.

Banff has a long-term Community Plan and several Master Plans that define the direction for our mountain community. These long-term plans have been created with substantial public input. The implementation of plans also involve public participation to ensure projects will meet local needs.

The new strategic plan will build on direction from the long-term plans, combined with new data, deeper research and insights, and Council discussion on a wide range of issues through each year. Topics that are identified as priority areas in the Strategic Plan receive additional attention over the four-year period, in terms of strategic development, staff focus and sometimes resources.

Residents of Banff will be able to provide input on the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan and its priority areas once Council creates a first draft in late 2018.