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Commercial Film Permits
River of No ReturnIf you're using any of Banff's public places to film or photograph for commercial purposes, you will need a film permit. Public places include streets, roads, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, environmental reserves, parking lots and pathways within the town's boundaries.

Film permits cost $263 per day, or for any portion of a day. Banff charitable and non-profit organizations are exempt from the fee, as are owners and operators of public utilities. Film permit fees will be waived if rental fees have been paid for the public place being used for the shoot.

The minimum insurance requirement is for $2 million in general liability. "The Town of Banff" and "Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada as represented by the Parks Canada Agency" must be named as additional insured parties.

  • Applications for small-scale shoots must be submitted at least seven days prior to the shoot or the permit will not be issued.
  • Applications for shoots that require road closures, traffic detours or parking removal, or that will involve more than 25 people, should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the proposed date.

Airspace within the boundaries of the Town of Banff is restricted due to local heliports. It is not permitted to fly drones inside the Town of Banff. Special arrangements with Transport Canada and Parks Canada may be made to fly drones within the national park. Contact these organization directly: 

Helpful Hints
Town of Banff film permits apply within the town boundaries only, find out if you are within the town boundaries. For filming outside the town but still inside the national park, you will need to obtain a permit from Parks Canada, call 403.760.1315 or email for more information.

The Right Kind of WrongDepending on the nature of your shoot, you may need to be aware of some of the town's bylaws. The most common bylaws related to filming activities are Street and Public Use.
Eamonn Reil

Photos: Top: Filming 1954's River of No Return. Above: Filming 2013's The Right Kind of Wrong (courtesy of Magnolia Pictures)